Another Great IDPA Night Shoot

Backroad Breakdown stage at the Okeechobee Shooting Sports IDPA Night Shoot

As the sun dipped into the horizon Saturday evening, the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) safety briefing at Okeechobee Shooting Sports was just getting started. Concerns about possible rain never materialized and participants enjoyed a cool, dry and breezy evening of competitive shooting fun.  Using flashlights and weapon-mounted lights, participants worked their way through the stages with little, if any, ambient lighting.  Late in the match the moon had risen high enough to provide some dim light and shadows. In Stage 1, the Backroad Breakdown stage, participants encountered the glow of roadway flares and smoke as they navigated the scenario. Lessons were learned as the participants worked their way through the stages making it not only a fun night, but a great night for learning as well.

Match Resuts: All the match scores are posted on When searching for match results at Practiscore, go to View Results, then enter OKSS in the Search Matches box.


  1. Fred Rios
  2. Bryan Wilmot
  3. James Hanlon


  1. Fred Rios
  2. Bryan Wilmot
  3. Jerry Crews


  1. James Hanlon
  2. Seth Grablow
  3. Ricardo Quiroga


  1. Ronald Martin
  2. Robert Derocher
  3. Stephen Sherer


  1. Stephen Sherer
  2. Gary Schultheis

January is a big month at Okeechobee Shooting Sports. Our 2 Gun competition is now offered on a regular basis and coming up on Saturday, January 21 is our Guns Gone Wild!!! Mega Match. Over 100 targets are going to be spread over seven stages giving participants an opportunity to engage cardboard targets, steel targets and even a few clay pigeon targets. All types of pistols from .22 to .45 are welcome along with pistol caliber carbines. FN 5.7 and other pistols that can damage steel targets won’t be permitted in this event. We recommend participants bring 200-250 rounds to the match. While the match we be designed to be completed with less, nobody wants to run out of ammo during the match. We recommend that registration be completed on-line to avoid the lines at the counter. Everyone who participates in the match will be eligible for random drawing prizes, including a new pistol! This is going to be fun!