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Guns Gone Wild!!! Mega Match Video Link

If you didn’t get the chance to participate in our recent Guns Gone Wild!!! Mega Match, you can check out Joe Castelli’s video on YouTube. Click here to view the video. Thanks, Joe!!!

Wild!!! Saturday at Okeechobee Shooting Sports

Saturday was a wild day of competitive shooting  as Okeechobee Shooting Sports rolled out our annual Guns Gone Wild!!! Mega Match. The Mega Match is based on our regular Guns Gone Wild!!! matches but is expanded to seven stages and well over one hundred targets. Some of the most popular stages included “Marshall Gary” and

Another Great IDPA Night Shoot

As the sun dipped into the horizon Saturday evening, the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) safety briefing at Okeechobee Shooting Sports was just getting started. Concerns about possible rain never materialized and participants enjoyed a cool, dry and breezy evening of competitive shooting fun.  Using flashlights and weapon-mounted lights, participants worked their way through the

Sunday’s IDPA Video By Joe Castelli

One of our regular pistol competition participants, Joe Castelli, just completed a video of Sunday’s IDPA match click reference. You can view Joe’s latest video on YouTube, along with videos from previous matches by clicking here.

2 Gun and Concealed Carry Encounters Schedule Update

The big turnout for our first 2 Gun match and our anticipation of a big turnout at our next match has resulted in a schedule change and update. The next 2 Gun match will take place on Sunday, November 6 at 9:00 am. Don’t forget to plan for the Daylight Savings Time that goes into

Tactical Drills Day Fall Season Kicks-Off

Fall is here and it’s time for Tactical Drills Days with Florida Firearms Training. This past Sunday we welcomed thirty shooters for our first event of the Fall season. Participants had the opportunity to shoot three stages/courses of fire; carbine, shotgun and pistol. The goal of the day was to practice existing shooting skills in

Rob Robinson takes home a Glock 43!

Rob Robinson enjoyed some good luck at the conclusion of Okeechobee Shooting Sports’ first GSSF Style League. Along with many other prizes, a new Glock 43 was awarded by random drawing and Rob took his new pistol home the same day!<img class="alignright wp-image-4718" src="http://www important×150.jpg” alt=”Rob Robinson” width=”175″ height=”175″ /> The Style league is based on