Fred Rios Takes First Overall in Saturday’s Steel Match

What a great morning for a Steel Match! Blue skies, temperature in the 60’s and cool breeze out of the north you can check here. Some or our shooters, however, were on fire. In his first string in Five to Go, Rob Clayton produced a smoking 2.66 second performance. The match results can be viewed at; remember to type in OKSS in the Search function. Here are the Top Three results:


  1. Fred RiosTimer
  2. Rob Clayton
  3. James Wilson


  1. Fred Rios
  2. Rob Clayton
  3. Bryan Wilmot


  1. Ian Solender


  1. James Wilson


  1. Mark Wynn
  2. Pat McCarty
  3. James Wilson


  1. Steve Prece
  2. Rick Kassel


  1. Fred Rios
  2. Rob Clayton
  3. Stephen Thomas

In November, we will have two Steel matches; one will be our regular match on Saturday, November 26 at 9:00 am and a special Sunshine States Games match on Saturday, November 19 at 1:00 pm. Registration for the regular OKSS match can be made on-line (preferred) or at the Pro Shop. Registration for the Sunshine State Games match can be accomplished at



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