GSSF Style League, Match 1 of 3 Results

It was another beautiful, post-storm morning as Match 1 of a new Style League began. It feels like fall is here, as we started the match under a blue sky and with a cool breeze out of the north. The match results are in, and the first, second and third place winners are summarized below. Carolyn Carver is producing a full summary and will be e-mailing them out to all of our participants.


  1. Krys Kloczuo
  2. Bryan Wilmot
  3. Pat McCarty

    Beckie Sonne

    Beckie Sonnne on Five To Go stage


  1. Bryan Wilmot
  2. James Morgan
  3. Kris Jagdeo


  1. Krys Kloczuo
  2. Brian Smiley
  3. Howard Whitcomb

Heavy Metal

  1. Krys Kloczuo
  2. Brian Smiley

Sub Compact

  1. Warren Sonne
  2. Pat McCarty


  1. James Morgan
  2. Rob Robinson
  3. Alec Prudhomme

The next Style matchis Sunday, November 13. Registration can be completed on-line (preferred) or at the Pro Shop. Check-in begins at 8:30 am; Safety Briefing begins at 9:00 am.

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