Monthly Competition Shooting Events

As many of you know we have temporarily suspended our monthly competitive shooting events. Although many of us on staff are competitive shooters ourselves and have a true passion for the shooting sports, the events simply could not support themselves at the $20 event fee. We have also sent out a survey to many of our competitive shooters and then reviewed the responses to help determine what could be doneĀ  to see if there is a sustainable way to continue our monthly competitive shooting events.

This has proven to be a difficult task since many of those who responded to the survey ultimately “wanted more for less”. Since Okeechobee Shooting Sports is a business with paid staff, taxes and insurance costs and not a non-profit club run by volunteers or a government funded range, our costs for operation are simply higher than those facilities.

We will continue look for ways to run the events as revenue positive instead of negative so that we can resume our monthly matches for each shooting sport that can sustain itself. Our goal is always to provide the greatest services possible to the widest groups of shooting enthusiasts possible and we’d love nothing more than to have competitions be a part of that equation.


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