Upcoming RSO Classes
By Admin2 | December 4, 2022

Are you getting questions from brand new gun owners about what to do now that they’ve purchased a firearm? Or maybe you’d like to rent one of our Private Ranges to practice. Currently you can do so with a staff Range Officer- or if you personally are a certified Range Officer. So…. What does it take

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Take advantage of this time
By Admin2 | March 26, 2020

We get it. There is a lot of uncertainty these days. With uncertainty comes anxiety and a feeling of “what can we do?” If you have children in the house you’re probably hearing “There’s nothing to doooooo.” If you are one of the hundreds of thousand (millions?) of people who are now finding themselves with

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First Place…again!
By Admin2 | January 19, 2020

Yeah, we like to shoot too. For us, Okeechobee Shooting Sports isn’t a “job”- it’s an extension of our passion. In fact, if you wonder why we do what we do, check out this video: [embedyt][/embedyt]   And sometimes we like to take it on the road Once again we had a chance to

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What is USCCA Membership?
By Admin2 | November 19, 2019

  The last thing anyone wants is harm to come to themselves or their family. The second to last thing anyone wants- and right behind the first, is to actually have to draw their firearm to protect themselves, their family or others. However, lawful firearms owners are placed in this situation by those meaning them

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Stay informed. Protect your rights!
By Admin2 | March 9, 2019

While we Floridians have enjoyed some advances in firearm ownership and personal protection over the last 30 years, there is now a serious threat to our abilities to exercise our Second Amendment rights. Last year, with a Republican House, Senate and Governor, Florida passed what has become the nation’s model for Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

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Bridge the Gap
By Admin2 | August 3, 2018

The following post is courtesy of Andy Wolf, veteran and firearms training instructor. Like many issues currently placing a strain on the American people, the gun rights debate can be a highly-contested and heated topic. In a country that threatens to tear itself apart due to heavily-entrenched political division, it’s quite easy to lose focus of

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We made it onto!
By Admin2 | July 31, 2018

Yes, that’s right. reached out to OKSS owner, Jeff Wait for a recent article on the difficulties of being a “reasonable gun owner”, much less a “reasonable firearms dealer”. It’s nice to see that some mainstream media outlets are recognizing the difficulties we all face as we encounter such emotionally charged- and well funded,

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Heat Exhaustion
By Admin2 | July 18, 2018

The following post is courtesy of Andy Wolf, veteran and firearms training instructor. For those who carry firearms, simply having a firearm doesn’t mean that one is safe from predation by those who wish to do harm. Far from a magic talisman that wards off evil, a firearm is simply one tool in a toolbox-

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A Shooter’s Father’s Day
By Admin2 | June 14, 2018

It is hard to explain the love a father has for his children. I believe it is a unique kind of love that goes beyond any other. It is hard to define to those that have not experienced it. To those that have, it is the kind of love that makes a man willing to

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