OKSS 2 Gun Begins With a Big Turnout

The long anticipated 2 Gun competition was rolled out Saturday to a big turnout of competitive rifle and pistol shooters. In all the stages, participants started the stage with their rifle and finished with a transition to pistol. While challenging, the stages were designed for all shooters of all levels, from novices to highly skilled shooters. Based on the comments from our shooters, this event will become a regularly scheduled event. Watch for our e-mails announcing the next OKSS 2 Gun event. Here are the Division results in the top three positions:


  1. Jerry Crews
  2. Joe SmithKrys
  3. Sean McGovern


  1. Leroy Garcia
  2. Claudia McCaskill


  1. Ian Solender
  2. Rob Clayton
  3. Gregory McVey

Heavy Metal

  1. Peter Aviles


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