Private Ranges

Private Ranges

Create Your Own Experience

A New Experience, Private Ranges

Not one of us out there dislikes privacy. In fact it’s something that we cherish, enjoy, and work incredibly hard to protect. So, when it comes to this day of shooting you’ve planned for, packed for, and happily waited for, we recommend our private outdoor shooting ranges.

There is just something so special about them.

It’s your time on your slice of the range. That’s pretty neat.

There’s no awkward small talk. No wondering quietly about your neighbors. No distractions. Nothing but you, your people, and the range.

Also, with a private outdoor range, you get to have a more creative experience than on the public ones—more creative training drills.

Within the parameters of our Range Rules, it’s all up to you.

Okeechobee Shooting Sports

We love our home, and we truly enjoy this unique slice of Florida. We also love our guns. So, this is the perfect happy medium: You get to tap into the incredible shooting community, and we get to share our home.

Win. Win.

Founded over 15 years ago, we started with a big plot of land and a dream. Year after year, Okeechobee Shooting Sports and its remarkable staff have worked to create an outdoorsman’s paradise.

These days, we offer many different range experiences, a campground, a restaurant, and a Pro Shop— with plans for more! And we are so, so happy to have you come along.

Train Distraction Free!

The Best Time To Book Private Ranges

If you weren’t aware, Florida’s busiest season is, by far, the winter months (Oct-May). As the weather cools to a sunny average of 70℉, people like to get outside to escape the snow, sleet, and slush. Our private outdoor gun ranges are booked up much quicker that time of year, so be aware.

Also, being open as we are (Thursday-Sunday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM), people tend to book their private experience early in the week.

All that being said, we recommend booking sooner rather than later.


Private Range
Half-day (9 AM - 1 PM or 1 PM - 5 PM) - $125.00
All day - $250.00

100 Yard Private Range
Half-day (9 AM - 1 PM or 1 PM - 5 PM) - $175.00
All day - $350.00

All range rentals include a day pass for one person. Each additional day pass is $20.

Ranges rent out quickly so click below to reserve your range as soon as you know your dates to ensure there is one available. RESERVE YOUR PRIVATE RANGE NOW

Why Should You Use A Private Range?

The two most common reasons people enjoy using private ranges include

  • Private Groups
  • Private Instruction

For example, if you’d just like to be separated from the more public crowd, it’s a great option.

Also, you can bring your own certified RSO or Instructor or hire one of ours and enjoy more flexible shooting and training opportunities.

The real draw is the flexibility for more advanced or specialized shooting exercises.

How Private Ranges Work

For anyone who has never tested out private ranges and just isn’t sure how they work, we’ve laid out all the necessary details below.

The Layout of Private Outdoor Gun Ranges

Our Private ranges are all along the top and right side of the below image.

RULES of Private Ranges

We want everyone using private ranges to enjoy them and do so safely.

Certified RSO required – OKSS staff available

You can find our range rules here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Ranges
What is a private range?

A private range is a rentable range space that allows you and your group to be more flexible and creative in your training and drills.

Please note that a Certified RSO is required. We have OKSS staff available if you cannot provide your own.

What makes the range actually “private”?

The only people allowed access to a private range are those who rented it, whereas the galleries, rifle and pistol ranges, and unlimited rifle range are open to anyone who books or shows up on the day until they are at capacity.

Are these private ranges outdoor gun ranges?

All of our gun ranges out here at OKSS are outdoor gun ranges.

What types of private ranges do you guys have?

We offer a standard private range and a 100-yard private range. Please note that each range has a different price.

What does a private range cost for a full day?

The standard private range is $250.00, and the 100-yard private range is $350.00 for an all-day rental (9 am - 5 pm).

What does a private range cost for a half day?

The standard private range is $125.00, and the 100-yard private range is $175.00 for a half-day rental (9 am - 1 pm OR 1 pm - 5 pm).

Come Hangout With Us

  • Train in a distraction free environment
  • Allows for more creativity in training drills
  • Ideal for new shooters wanting to develop fundamental habits
  • Certified RSO required – OKSS staff available

Click the appropriate link to access your password protected rental page.