Rifle and Pistol


Our ranges are family friendly and have a safe, non-intimidating environment. We teach the responsible handling of firearms using programs designed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Ranges are OPEN during all regular hours. With over nearly 100 acres of facilities, special events and competitions do not interfere with our Rifle and Pistol ranges. All shooters must abide by the Range Rules(see below). Eye and ear protection is required at all times.


The target range is the best environment for every level of shooter to practice precision at distances from 5-200 yards. A General Pass includes all day access to both rifle and pistol ranges. Rates are $20 per shooter for the ENTIRE DAY! Shooters 16 and under are free with a paid adult. Please note: Ranges are OPEN during regular hours and during any events or training.

  • All Levels of Shooters are Welcome
  • Up to 200 yards of Target Shooting
  • Family Friendly, Supportive Environment
  • $20 per Shooter for the Day

The 24 lane rifle range extends out to 200 yards and is perfect for either sighting in your rifle or simply checking your zero for an upcoming hunt or match. Each shooting position has a bench and a rifle rest to assist you in making the best possible shot. The bench-rest shooting is often considered one of the purest forms of shooting. Bring your rifle or rent one from our Pro-Shop. You can bring your own targets or purchase one from several skill based targets in our gunshop. We provide the target frames, backers and staple guns- and even a few spotting scopes to use. Join us for a great day of practice in precision and skill.


The 25 lane pistol range allows for distances between 5 to 50 yards. There are pistol rests available for a little extra support. Bring your own pistol or rent one from our Pro-shop. Just like the rifle range, we provide stands, backers, staple guns- everything you need. Bring your own targets or get some (even Zombies!) from the proshop.

  • No aluminum or steel cased ammunition is allowed- brass cased ammunition only
  • No 50BMG, stockless rifles or shotguns (These firearms may be used on the Rifle Gallery)
  • No rapid fire permitted.
  • No drawing from the holster.
  • No holstered firearms unless you are certified law enforcement.
  • No interactive targets, such as steel targets, cans, bottles etc.(balloons are fair game though!)
  • No stockless shotguns.
  • Must abide by the General Range Rules of Okeechobee Shooting Sports facility.

Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for help if you have any questions. If you are found using incorrect ammunition you may be asked to leave. Safety first!


Upon arrival, go to the Pro Shop to sign-in.

Be sure you are ready for the range with your rifle or pistol and plenty of ammo and targets!

  • Target stands and backers are provided
  • Extra ammo and targets (including Zombies!) are available at the Pro Shop
  • Ear Plugs – MANDATORY
  • Eye Protection – MANDATORY
  • Electronic Waiver – If you have not filled out the electronic waiver after Jan, 1, 2016, save time by doing so here.

Rifle & Pistol Range

  • $20 per shooter for the day
  • Shooters 16 and under are free with a paid adult

Rimfire Gallery

  • $20 per shooter for the day
  • Shooters 16 and under $10 with a paid adult

Gallery Pass

  • Includes all three galleries for pistol, rimfire and unlimited rifle
  • $35 per shooter
  • Shooters 16 and under $15 with a paid adult

With 20 lanes each of Pistol and Rifle, there is almost never a wait.

Reserve your lane today