Smiley Take Five 1st Places in One Match!

Brian Smiley

Most folks are pleased when they are on their game and are able to take a Division 1st Place in a rifle or pistol match and overjoyed if the take two Divisions. After seeing the results of our recent GSSF Style match results, Brian Smiley should be extremely pleased with his performance. Brian took 1st Place in the Competition Division, Heavy Metal Division, Major Sub Division, Unlimited Division and Overall Match. On behalf of the Okeechobee Shooting Sports staff and all the competitors, congratulations! Brian is planning on shooting in the big GSSF Okeechobee match that takes place on April 1 and 2, and it appears he’s ready. To learn more about one of the largest Glock matches in the United States, go to for information about volunteering as a RO and shooting in the match.

The GSSF Style League results will be published soon.

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