Style League Results

We wrapped up another Style league last weekend, finishing out a great year of Style competition at Okeechobee Shooting Sports. One of the most exciting parts of our Style event is the random drawing for prizes that is conducted at the beginning of Match 3. All participants who sign up for all three matches in the league are eligible for the prizes that include range time, lessons and a new pistol. Jeff Wait, the owner of Okeechobee Shooting Sports, was certainly in the holiday spirit as he selected the grand prize for the December random drawing, a new Glock 35. Garrett Worley helped out by drawing the names of the random drawing winners, with the Glock 35 going to Mike Panariello. Congratulations Mike!

Garrett Worley drawing the winning name

Garrett Worley helped out by pulling the winner’s names out of the hat


  1. Krys Kloczko (UNL)-117.89
  2. Rob Robinson (PKT)-142.55
  3. Howard Whitcomb (UNL)-147.6
  4. Brian Smiley (UNL)-151.9
  5. James Morgan (UNL)-163.41
  6. Mark Wynn (COMP)-168.2
  7. Brian Smiley (HM)-170.48
  8. Pat McCarty (SC)-172.85
  9. Krys Kloczko (PROD)-173.04
  10. Krys Kloczko (HM)-175.51
  11. Pat McCarty (PROD)-177.15
  12. James Morgan (PKT)-181.07
  13. Warren Sonne (SC)-188.77
  14. Brian Smiley (COMP)-204.78
  15. Krys Jagdeo (COMP)-210-81
  16. Greg Merrill (COMP)-221.82
  17. Rob Robinson (PROD)-224.06
  18. Terry Storck (PROD)-224-28
  19. Stephen Thomas (PROD)-235.13
  20. Rick Oremus (PROD)-248.09
  21. Pete Williams (COMP)-252.45
  22. Carolyn Carver (COMP)-262.83

    Mike Panariello with his new Glock 35

    Okeechobee Shooting Sports owner Jeff Wait presents Mike Panariello with a new Glock 35 that he won in the Style match random drawing.

  23. Tom McLendon (Production)-265.89
  24. Joseph Sparta (Production)-304.16
  25. Carlos Pulido (PROD)-337.06
  26. Becky Sonne (COMP)-349.04
  27. Melissa Whitcomb (PROD)-483.05
  28. Ronald Martin (PROD)-518.79

Production Division

  1. Krys Kloczko-173.04
  2. Pat McCarty-177.15
  3. Rob Robinson-224.06
  4. Terry Storck-224.28
  5. Stephen Thomas-235.13
  6. Rick Oremus-248.09
  7. Tom McLendon-265.89
  8. Joseph Sparta-304.16
  9. Carlos Pulido-337.06
  10. Melissa Whitcomb-483.05
  11. Ronald Martin-518.79

Competition Division

  1. Mark Wynn-168.02
  2. Brian Smiley-204.78
  3. Kris Jagdeo-210.81
  4. Greg Merrill-21.82
  5. Pete Williams-252.45
  6. Carolyn Carver-262.83
  7. Becky Sonne-349.04


  1. Krys Kloczko-117.89
  2. Howard Whitcomb-147.60
  3. Brian Smiley-151.9
  4. James Morgan-163.41

Heavy Metal

  1. Brian Smiley-170.48
  2. Krys Kloczko-175.51

Sub Compact

  1. Pat McCarty-172.85
  2. Warren Sonne-188.77


  1. Rob Robinson-142.55
  2. James Morgan-181.07