Trapshooting is a specific form of clay target shooting where the clay “birds” always originate from a single location or “trap”. This gives an element of predictability that makes this game inviting to beginners as well! Accuracy and skill are required to aim, fire and break the 4.25-inch disc flying through the air at over 40mph- simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter.


As soon as you yell “pull” targets are hurled into the air from a trap at various angles and directions to simulate flight patterns of birds. In “doubles”, the trap springs 2 clay targets into the air in different directions. In wobble trap, the target is released into varying directions and at a different elevations. Think of it as shooting’s equivalent of the “knuckleball”.

In scoring, it does not matter if the shooter hits only a small piece of the target or turns it into a dust cloud. A hit is a hit.

In registered trapshooting, the rules specify that targets must be thrown no less than 48 yards, no more than 52 yards and should be between 8 and 12 feet high, and 10 yards from the trap. Shooters stand a minimum of 16 yards from the trap houses. Registered trapshooting is competition that is regulated by the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA).

  • A maximum of two shells can be loaded at any one time.
  • No moving from one shooting position to another with a loaded firearm.
  • Only load at the shooting position, DO NOT load your firearm behind other shooters!
  • Shot sizes only between 7.5 and 9 are permitted with load size no greater that 1-1/8 oz. and 3 drams of powder. This means that slugs and shot shells between 00-7 are NOT permitted on the clay shooting fields. If you do not know what load your shells are or are not familiar with shot shell load information do not load your firearm without approval from a Range Safety Officer.
  • Abide by the General Range Rules of Okeechobee Shooting Sports facility.

Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for help if you have any questions. If you are found using incorrect ammunition you will be asked to leave the range for the day and may not be able to return. Safety first!

Interested in learning more about Clays Instruction courses? Please contact the Pro-Shop.

See you on the field!


Upon arrival, go to the Pro-Shop to register and get your field assignments. If you are a beginner or want to sharpen your skills, register for the Clays Instruction Class.

Be sure you are ready for the field with the following:

  • Shotgun – Most any gauge or type that fires at least two shells and has a stock is acceptable
  • Ammunition – Bring at least one box of 25 shells or purchase them at our Pro-Shop
  • Shell holder – Pick up a holder to allow for easy movement around the field
  • Ear Plugs – MANDATORY
  • Eye Protection – MANDATORY
  • Electronic Waiver – If you have not filled out the electronic waiver after Jan, 1, 2016, save time by doing so here.

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