Unlimited Rifle

Rates & Rules for the Unlimited Rifle

  • Aluminum, steel and brass cased ammunition are all permitted.
  • Shooting positions include: seated, prone, kneeling, standing.
  • Controlled rapid fire is permitted.
  • AK, SKS, and 50BMG, are all welcome.
  • Bipod and Tripod full automatic machine guns are permitted.
  • Controlled full automatic fire is permitted with bipod and tripod mounted machine guns.
  • Shouldered Slide Fire and full automatics may be used in the Pistol Gallery (included in Gallery package)
  • Shotguns may be used with rounds that will not spread to other guest’s targets.
  • Tannerite brand 1/2 pound exploding targets are permitted and are available in the Pro-shop.
  • Guest owned steel targets are permitted pending approval by the Range Safety Officer.
  • Tracer rounds are not permitted due to potential fire hazard
  • Includes all three Galleries for Pistol, Rimfire and Unlimited Rifle
  • $35 per shooter
  • Shooters 16 and under $15 with a paid adult

Upon arrival, go to the Pro Shop to sign-in.

Be sure you are ready for the range with your rifle or pistol and plenty of ammo and targets!

  • Ear Plugs – MANDATORY
  • Eye Protection – MANDATORY
  • Electronic Waiver – If you have not filled out the electronic waiver after Jan, 1, 2016, save time by doing so here.

Unlimited Rifle is the next step in rifle shooting after the Rifle and Pistol Range. The ability to shoot a wide variety of rifles from multiple positions rounds out your shooting experience. The Tannerite brand exploding targets are available in the Pro Shop provide instant feedback on well-placed shots.

  • Targets out to 200 yards
  • $35 per Shooter for the Day
  • Includes access to Pistol and Rimfire Galleries.

Reserve your lane at the Unlimited Rifle Range