What is USCCA Membership?


The last thing anyone wants is harm to come to themselves or their family.

The second to last thing anyone wants- and right behind the first, is to actually have to draw their firearm to protect themselves, their family or others. However, lawful firearms owners are placed in this situation by those meaning them harm every day. According to some statistics- up to 2,000 times per day. But then what? What happens AFTER?

What if someone tries to rob you at a gas pump and you draw your firearm, they see you are prepared and then they run away? No shots are fired. Naturally, the police are called. While the officer does their due diligence to determine what happened, your nerves begin to unravel as you realize what could have happened. Don’t think so? Do you get nervous at a stoplight when a patrol car pulls behind you? Imagine the high stress situation of having nearly become a victim of violent crime. And that’s without having to actually employ deadly force.

USCCA Membership is NOT a “license to kill with a get out of jail free card” as some would try to lead people to believe. It is a direct line to a professional organization that understands the law and may advocate on your behalf- immediately. If in the above incident, the police decide you were “brandishing” unnecessarily and decide to arrest you and “let the judge figure it out”- where will the bail money come from? The money for legal defense?

As part of our goal to be your full service range and retailer, we have researched several of the leading organizations and chosen US Concealed Carry Association as the one we are willing to recommend to our members and customers. Not only for their core offerings of support, but because they also provide a library of valuable educational resources, materials and training.

No one buys collision insurance hoping to get in an accident. Or fire insurance hoping their house burns down. We do those things because it is part of protecting ourselves, our families and our futures.

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