Zell, Pennella, Mathewson Take Top 3 in IDPA

Carolyn Carver has completed the final calculations for Saturday’s IDPA match and the scores have been posted to Practiscore.com. Taking top honor in the Overall category is Chris Zell with a total time of 69 singulair drug.97, followed by John Pennella with a 82.87 and Dan Mathewson with a 80.29. To see all the score for Saturday’s match, go to Practiscore.com and type OKSS in the Search Box.

IDPA participants are reminded that the January 7, 2017 match will be a Night Match and that there will not be a daytime match. Additionally, there will be no Introduction to Competitive Shooting course on January 7. Participants for the night shoot will need a reliable light, or two, for the match. Weapon mounted lights and flashlights or both may be used in the match.


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